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  • Proper weight loss
  • Muscle strengthening, endurance improvement, and cardio health enhancement
  • Improved flexibility and balance
  • Stress reduction and overall well-being improvement
  • 200+ effective home workout exercises
  • Recipes approved by a dietitian


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Free Program
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    Useful content about a healthy lifestyle
  • exclamationHydration control with reminders
  • exclamationMeditations
  • exclamationWeight indicators
  • exclamationMeasurement statistics
  • exclamationBreakfast recipes
  • exclamation7 workouts
Платная программа
Premium Subscription
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    More useful content about a healthy lifestyle
  • exclamationHydration control with reminders
  • exclamationMeditations
  • exclamationWeight and body measurements indicators
  • exclamationMeasurement statistics
  • exclamationBreakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner recipes
  • exclamationSet of workouts consisting of over 200 exercises
  • exclamationMorning exercises
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Practical and effective

A feed containing valuable content.

The feed provides you with access to diverse and up-to-date content designed by professional trainers and dietitians from bodygrams. Our articles and notes will help you learn more about what a healthy lifestyle really entails and how you can start implementing it right now.

In the feed, you’ll find unique articles covering a wide range of topics related to proper nutrition, workouts, and motivation. Our feed includes not only information about physical health but also about psychological well-being. Surveys and interactive materials will help you better understand yourself and your needs, creating a personalized path to becoming the best version of yourself.

We also share practical tips and life hacks for improving your lifestyle, as well as provide proven ideas for incorporating beneficial habits into your daily life.

Keep an eye on our feed because we regularly update it with new materials, tailoring the content to your interests and providing you with the freshest and most useful information about a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions for your health and create a place where you can always find inspiration to take care of your body and mind.

Measurements Results

Step by step towards a healthy lifestyle under your control. bodygrams provides you with the opportunity to track changes in your body in real-time. Enter measurements and weight indicators to get a detailed picture of your achievements and progress towards your goals.

  • Regularly input data about measurements of your body, such as waist circumference, hips, and others. Compare results to track changes over time.
  • Record your weight in the app to track its dynamics and the effectiveness of your fitness program or diet.
  • Visualize your changes using graphs.
  • Analyze statistics to understand which approaches yield the best results.
  • Set goals for yourself and receive reminders to input measurements.
  • Track your progress towards goals and get motivation for further efforts.
  • We guarantee the security of your data and the confidentiality of personal information.

Follow your progress, mark every step towards health, and maintain motivation with our app. It’s your personal tool for creating a healthy lifestyle and achieving your goals.


In the “Diet” section of our application, you will find an extensive collection of healthy eating recipes created by experts in dietetics from the bodygrams team. Here, you’ll find accessible, delicious, and nutritious dishes. Each recipe is detailed, providing step-by-step instructions for preparation. The smart filter allows you to exclude dishes with specific ingredients from your search.

Detailed descriptions of each dish include nutritional value, allowing you to make informed choices for your health. Step-by-step cooking instructions will help even those who are not experienced chefs easily master new recipes.

Regular updates to the recipe database ensure that you can always find new and inspiring recipes created with care for your health and free time.


bodygrams – your guide in the world of delicious and healthy eating!


In the “Workouts” section, you will find the perfect partner to achieve your fitness goals. Over 200 effective exercises are compiled into optimal programs and are available for you every day.

Professional trainers from bodygrams conduct workouts synchronously with you, providing a perfect visual understanding of the technique for each exercise. It’s not just a workout — it’s an experience that allows you not only to maintain your fitness but also to improve your results under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Each workout targets specific areas and muscle groups, providing a comprehensive approach to strengthening and refining your body.

Start your workouts at a convenient time and train synchronously with professional trainers from bodygrams. Pay close attention to the exercise technique thanks to instructions from experienced trainers.

Regardless of your fitness level, find a workout that suits you — from beginners to advanced. Strengthening the core, shaping leg muscles, burning fat — you will always find workouts that match your priorities.

bodygrams — your personal fitness partner ready to help you transform your body and improve your well-being without leaving home.

Download the app and learn, act, change!
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